Q: How do I deposit the money I have earned from selling here on Docxsite?

A: To deposit your money balance, you will click on the black icon on the top right corner of your control panel where you will see that exact amount of the money you've earned. You will have the option to either instantly deposit your money after one sale or continue saving up until you reach a certain amount and then deposit it. The balance will be deposited to the card on file under your profile and once deposited, the remaining balance will reset.

Q: How to setup a DNS?

A: You can set up a DNS (Domain name server) by going to any domain name providers such as GoDaddy, iPage, HostGator, etc. For further instructions on how to set up a DNS using GoDaddy click Here.  

Q: How do I know when my Docxsite has finished being published?

A: The status of your Docxsie will be indicated in the status feature on the top right side of your control panel. The process of publishing will be indicated by an orange box indicated with the word “Publishing”. Once the publishing process has finished, the orange box will turn green with the word ”Active” on it, indicating publishing has been completed. You can also check if your changes has been successfully published by reloading your website.

Q: How do I remove a plugin?

A: You can remove a plugin by right clicking the plugin in the “Added Changes” then hit “Delete Entry.” If the plugin is already in the “Template Code” then drag the plugin to the “Code Deleted.”

Q: How do I remove a shared admin from my Docxsite?

A:To remove a shared admin from your Docxsite, you will go to “Manage Docxsite” in your control panel where you will see all your Docxsites listed. Find the Docxsite you would like to remove a shared admin from and click on the “Access control” icon which looks like two blue individuals. You will then see all the individuals that are shared to that specific Docxsite with their email address and the access type that they have on it. To remove them, you will simply hit on the trash can icon.

Q:How do I fill out and send a Docxsite?

A:Filling out the doc is simple. Once you have accessed the template, you can begin designing your website by filling out each appropriate section that corresponds to a particular feature on the website. For example, the style section in the doc is responsible for the overall color theme for your template design, site background color highlight color and title text color of your website. To chose your desired color, you will fill out the right column shown in figure 1.0 by clicking the link provided and pasting the ID of the color you have chosen. If you solely want the colors white or black, can simply just write it with no required ID. once you have done filling out the style section of the doc, you can view your overall look by completing the rest of the doc and submitting the file (process described in ….) If you later decide that you do not like those features that you chose after submitting the finished docx file, you can always go back to your old docx file, modify your changes and redo the submission process.